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Leonard Heatherly
Executive Director
Missionary to Maasai
"...Call to GLORY" Author
Engineering Science Degree
Former Apollo QA Supervisor
Former MII International Bishop

Mission Management Services

P. O. Box 506
Rockwood, TN 37854


My personal story establishes the foundation of becoming, much to my surprise, a Missionary to Maasai and a Prophet to whosoever might hear. Growing up a farm boy in a rural community of Greenback, Tennessee, I felt a call to Africa, but in pride and ignorance, I rejected the idea for many years.

It was in my late forties, that it became intense. The Lord had sent more five thousand strangers to speak me about my calling, but I continued my resistant. Then my beloved Janie, whom I met in October 10th 1993, gently encouraged me. So in November 2002, I stepped onto African soil for the first time, and I knew I had stepped into destiny.

I wish I could tell you that immediately the sky opened up, and abundance of revelation, provision and glory rained down. But instead, it was seven years of struggle, mistakes and betrayals.

It is my hope, that this writing will create a hunger in you to know the heart of God and to see your place in the Kingdom on earth. Be prepared; this strong meat will challenge your theology and test your spiritual maturity. I encourage you to unveil the mystery in the Hope of Glory, loose the power to attain your destiny.

This book that I scribe tells the story of the most primitive tribe on the earth, revealing how God is fulfilling their awesome destiny. The backdrop for the story is this author's own personal awakening and coming to an awareness of the Maasai as the 13th Tribe of Israel.

An unexpected benefit of this adventure was finding a simple herbal cure for Malaria. This humanitarian breakthrough will provide the sustainable remedy for 300 million Africans who are acutely ill with Malaria and virtually eliminate the daily death toll of 3,000 children. This restoration will help rebuild the economy and redefine the politics of Sub-Saharan Africa, while creating a wave of socioeconomic impact worldwide. Foremost, this simple cure becomes in the greatest opportunity for evangelism in history.

Finally in 2010, the pieces began to fall in place. The extraordinary breakthrough with the 13th Tribe of Israel was the precursor for worldwide restoration. So in late 2011 starts the Restoration Revival that will impact Believers of all nations, all races and (dare we say) all denominations. Next, comes 2012 which promises to be the greatest move of Christianity ever.

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